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Huayuan pigment won the first prize of Zhejiang excellent industrial new product (New Technology)


Recently, it was learned from the Department of economy and information technology of Zhejiang Province and the Department of finance of Zhejiang province that the product of "high temperature resistant coated iron oxide yellow pigment" developed by Huayuan pigment was awarded the first prize of Zhejiang excellent industrial new product (New Technology) project in 2018.

It is understood that there are 166 excellent industrial new products (new technologies) projects in Zhejiang Province, including 15 first prizes, 46 second prizes and 105 third prizes. The purpose of project selection is to encourage and guide enterprises to continuously increase investment in science and technology and speed up the development of new products (new technologies), so as to realize the industrialization and marketization of new products (new technologies).
As an important inorganic yellow pigment, ordinary iron oxide yellow has relatively poor heat resistance. Generally, it will decompose and turn red when the temperature rises to 177 ℃. Although the high temperature resistant coated iron oxide yellow pigment takes iron yellow as the raw material, the outer layer of the product is coated with dense materials through slow-release coating technology to improve its heat resistance to more than 270 ℃ to meet the heat resistance requirements of downstream products. The product has the advantages of low cost, simple synthesis method, safety and environmental protection. This technology can be widely used in fields with high heat resistance such as plastics, powder coatings, coil coatings and rubber, It has broad market prospects.

In recent years, Huayuan pigment has kept forging ahead. On the one hand, it has upgraded all production lines. On the other hand, it has introduced new development concepts and ways of thinking for enterprises through the introduction of highly skilled talents. It has continuously launched a series of new products with high technology, high added value and high efficiency, continuously optimized the product structure, broadened scientific research ideas and broke through key technologies in practice, In order to enhance the product brand and core competitiveness of Huayuan pigment in the same industry.

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