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Simulating customers’ testing methods

In order to improve the reproducibility and repeatability of the products testing, HYROX is committed to promoting 100% simulation of customers’ testing methods according to the same standard, the same equipment, and the same ingredients, to achieve 99.9% test results consistency of both parties since the color match at the beginning stage until the QC before shipment.

Providing special need of technical testing for different industries

1. Heavy metal test

HYROX is one of the few pigment companies in China that has been equipped with both GFAAS and ICP of high-sensitivity detection of the heavy metal content (total) of various iron oxide pigments, so as to ensure the customer's demand for strict control of heavy metals.

2. Q-Lab light resistance test

QUV ultraviolet aging testing machine is extensively used in the world, which can simulate the key UVC and relatively truly represents the physical damage caused by sunlight, thus to test the light resistance of iron oxide pigments under different conditions from dozens of hours to thousands of hours. This is also equipped within HYROX R&D center.

3. Hand sheet test

Iron oxide pigments are one of the most demanded pigments in the paper industry. HYROX is capable to perfectly present the color of iron oxide into paper with the hand sheet testing machine in lab for paper manufacturers (decorative paper).


Customized product types

According to the requirements from different customers, customized products can be offered on demand to match the appropriate colors for end-users with good control on cost and supply the cost-effective customized product types.

Remote /On-site technical support

HYROX is proud of its professional technical sales team, who have visited different factories globally for many times and provided them with the needed product performance introduction. Along with the changing of the whole world in recent years, HYROX has also guaranteed the technical support needed in different industries globally with fast and satisfying remote connection services.


R&D of new product functions

In recent years, HYROX has been committed to breaking through the traditional application of iron oxide pigments, increasing the development of new products and applications, and providing suitable products for more and more industries such as artificial leather, epoxy floor, asphalt pavement, rubber runway, ink, medicine, friction materials, etc., to meet the needs of different endusers.



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