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The excellent performance management of Huayuan pigment introduction was affirmed by the market supervision and Administration Bureau


Recently, Deqing County market supervision and Administration Bureau announced the introduction of excellent performance management model enterprises in the county in 2018, and Huayuan pigment was among them. The introduction of excellent performance management is another management system innovation activity after Huayuan pigment introduced fine management. It is an effort made by enterprises to strengthen customer satisfaction awareness and innovation activities and pursue excellent business performance.
Through preliminary discussion and research, Huayuan pigment invited professional consulting and guidance institutions to provide guidance, conducted targeted and systematic guidance from seven aspects: leadership, strategy, customer and market, resources, process management and results, and carried out a series of effective work, which was finally unanimously affirmed by the expert group.
It is reported that excellent performance management is to make progress and improvement of organizations and individuals through comprehensive organizational performance management methods, improve the overall performance and cooperation ability of the organization, create value for customers and other interested parties, and make the organization continue to succeed. Excellent performance management is different from ISO9001. Although there is no certification system, the enterprise consciously recognizes it from a strategic height, but the purpose is to improve its own management level and develop in a better direction, so as to pursue excellence.




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