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Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Targets in the 14th Five-Year Plan


2022-09-09 09:55

To respond to the national energy conservation and emission reduction target during the 14th Five-Year Plan period of "national energy consumption per ten-thousand CNY of GDP by 2025 shall be reduced by 5% compared with 2020", our company hereby sets the "14th Five-Year Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Targets". All departments of our company shall implement various works according to the target plan, aiming at improving energy utilization efficiency and ecological environment quality, adhere to the policies of government-led, enterprise-dominated, market-driven, and social participation. We will accelerate the construction of resource-conserving and environment-friendly enterprise.

Plan Objectives:
1.By 2025, energy consumed per ton will be reduced by 5% compared with 425kGCE /t in 2020.
2.By 2025, carbon emissions per unit product (emissions from fossil fuel combustion and from net purchased electricity and heat) will be reduced by 5% from 1.47t/t in 2020.

Implementation Plan:
1.Optimize the industrial and energy structure, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and reduce the proportion of coal consumption
2.Strengthen energy conservation in key energy-consuming processes to improve the energy efficiency of enterprises. 
3.Strengthen carbon emission management, focusing on carbon emission in the internal production process of the enterprise.

April 25, 2021



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