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Coexist With Nature

Environment protection is an important part of our mission "Creating colors for the world", and the base for sustainable development.

In order to eliminate the impact of wastewater on the natural environment, our company is committed to process improvement and optimization by high recycle rate of wastewater from the source management and reduction of pollutant emission.

In 2007, HYROX invested more than CNY 30 million and cooperated with domestic famous universities and scientific research institutions to build wastewater treatment facility with 6,000 tons daily capacity in 2008, so that the emitted water could reach the national standard.

During the renovation of HYROX plant from 2015 until 2018, HYROX invested more than CNY 19 million in 2016 to build the membrane treatment system with a daily capacity of 2,500 tons for iron oxide yellow, which greatly improved the waste water recycling rate. And in 2018, HYROX again invested more than CNY 44 million to establish the membrane treatment system with daily capacity of 3,500 tons for iron oxide red.

HYROX will surely take the responsibility to keep the world as green as it should be. 




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